Axel tittar genom en ring

A new style of magic

Axel Adler examines the new kinds of expressions provided by illusion.

Martin Hansson trollar med en blomma

Magic contrasts

Martin Hansson is a magician with a broad register, from sad clown to loudmouth buffoon.

John-Henry skrattar glatt

Unfettered creativity

John-Henry has an unfettered creativity and have a talent for propmaking that makes him an unique artist.

Trollkarlen Leif Olberius knäcker ett ägg

An eye for drama

Leif Olberius is a skilled conjurer, instructor and artistic consultant.

Tom Stone med boll och trollstav

Magic innovator

Tom Stone is a conjuror, magic consultant, author, instructor and magic researcher.

Nikola Arkane trollar med mynt

A magical whirlwind

Nikola Arkane is a magical whirlwind from Northern Ireland.

Håkan Berg make fake birds appear

King of Birds

Håkan Berg – The King of Birds – is a comedian and magician who have gained attention all around the world.