Curtain call at Magic Castle, Hollywood

Swedish Magic is starting the show

A magician with a sneaky smile

Tom Stone at Magic Castle, Hollywood

Two men do magic

Axel and Tom

A man in smoke

Håkan Berg at Magic Castle, Hollywood

A man tries to eat a false dove


Many hands

Håkan with a dramatic look

The magical frame

Axel have got a problem!

A man and his wand

Tom Stone perform his piece “Benson Burner”

Tom Stone

Axel Adler

Håkan Berg

Tom Stone perform his piece “Quantum Logic”

King of Birds

A woman feel inside Tom's magical box

Tom Stone: “Whose box is this?”

Axel Adler

Håkan Berg

Axel is holding a large ring

Axel Adler with a ring

Magical, thinks Håkan Berg

Tom Stone hold a bowl from which hundreds of balls are streaming

Lots of balls appear magically

Håkan hold two mechanical birds

Håkan Berg is “King of Birds”

Axel suddenly have three legs

Axel have more legs than usual

A rope goes in one ear and out the other

Håkan: “I can’t hear you!”

Axel have suddenly four arms

Axel: “What’s happening?”

Three magicians take a final bow

Finale with Swedish Magic

Four people at a fountain

The team in Florida

Swedish Magic
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